*bangs fist on table* I WANT COLD WEATHER

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tip of the day don’t vacuum with ear phones in because i just finished vacuuming the whole house only to realise it wasn’t even on

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Be careful who you vent to.

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getting a boner before marriage is a sin

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If you think my blog sucks wait till you see my life 

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i threw a party once.  threw it really far.  like 200 feet

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people shit on math and science because they’re not good at it y’all are like “being amazing at math and science doesn’t make you intelligent” nah man it literally does it’s just that if you aren’t amazing at math and science it doesn’t mean you’re unintelligent don’t shit on other people’s talents simply because they aren’t yours

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tbh i think straight girls appreciate girls more than straight boys do

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people who randomly compliment you on something you are insecure about are the nicest kind of people

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